LinkedIn Advertising

Our LinkedIn advertising services help your business take advantage of one of the most important social media platforms for today’s marketers.

When you work with ROI Room, you gain access to a results-focused and highly experience digital advertising team that knows how to use LinkedIn advertising in order to connect you to your ideal clients and customers. 

Since LinkedIn advertising is one of the most effective B2B digital marketing approaches today, incorporating professional advertising strategies for your business is a no-brainer. 

AT ROI Room, we produce highly-effective, ROI-focused campaigns that create tangible opportunities for greater exposure, growth and increased revenue for your online business. 

This is done by guiding you through the process of building your audience-tailored digital advertising strategies through a combination of LinkedIn video ads, traditional LinkedIn ads, text ads, and sponsored content.

Although LinkedIn was launched nearly 17 years ago, it’s only caught a significant spotlight among online marketers fairly recently.

If you’re new to the game, LinkedIn is a social media platform specifically created for working professionals. This is a place where users and companies share information about their professional background, interests, and information. 

Users and companies can then use this information to “link” up with other LinkedIn members they may be interested in collaborating or working with.

We work with your brand in order to:

  • Find the ideal audience and demographics for your business specifically
  • Set tailored LinkedIn advertising goals created from your personal budget and needs
  • Produce targeted campaigns using the proper video, copy, images, and visual content
  • Regularly test your campaigns to make sure strategy success is climbing
  • Use ROI Room’s proven ad hacks to get potential clients and customers to do specific actions
  • Guide your brand to experiment with new audiences and markets

When you team up with ROI Room, you get:

  • Proven and in-depth strategies and execution
  • Rigorous industry competitor analysis
  • Ad production and constant re-optimization
  • Intensive targeting
  • ROI optimization and measurement insight
  • Continual campaign tracking
  • Campaign progress reporting at every vital stage
  • Expert campaign consultations
  • User-friendly reports on what is bringing in success and what should be left behind. 

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