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If you’ve been in the marketing world for any length of time, you’ve likely heard the term pay-per-click or PPC floating around. This type of advertising works by marketers paying the host such as Amazon or Google, to post your ad on their website for a certain length of time.

Our campaign management team focuses on continual testing and optimization, top of the line strategies and ongoing campaign research in order to increase the overall outcome of your campaigns.

Our knowledgable PPC team works alongside your business to cover the following tasks:

  • Find new, winning revenue streams for your site
  • Create campaign goals based on your specific situation (budget and needs)
  • Test each and every campaign in real-time in order to increase traffic
  • PPC optimization strategies for keyword excellence and best results 
  • Guide you towards new and exciting markets 

Our PPC advertising campaign strategy will provide you with:

  • Expert ad creation, management, and optimization
  • ROI measurements and tips for greater optimization
  • Industry-grade strategy planning and implementation
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Intensive keyword reports
  • Continual campaign monitoring 
  • Campaign progress reports
  • Expert campaign consultations
  • New market discovery sessions

What You Need to Know About Our PPC Approach

  • Results

Typically, these paid acquisition projects will provide results during the first three months of our team working on the campaign. 

  • Payment

We work on a retainer-basis for PPC advertising. Usually, this will be a certain percentage of your ad spend. Alternatively, depending on your project situation, we may charge a small management fee.

Reach out to one of our experts to gain a clear idea of what your specific project will cost.

  • Performance

When it comes to video advertising, our team stands as our internal members are experienced in a wide variety of different industries, company sizes, and backgrounds. Our extensive experience uniquely customizing high-ROI campaigns for our clients gives us a different way of looking at PPC advertising – a way that focuses on successful, ROI-driven outcomes.

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